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  Law of Attraction Master Coach
Live your Inspired Life!

    "Without Law of Attraction, I would not be where I am today. Kyra's coaching and classes have helped me manifest a new direction in my life.

      Within just two weeks of our coaching sessions, I already experienced changes in career and home; and 6 months later I'm getting ready for a cross country move and career change. Thank you Kyra for all

of your wonderful guidance!".


~Carla Jacobson  client

    Live Zoom LOA workshops 2x
weekly.  One-on-one coaching.
 Message for a Consultation!


 Learn to make the Law of Attraction work for you with ease!

Start one-on-one  coaching today. 


In our focused coaching sessions  you can :  


 * Tap into your fullest potential!

*Rewire your "mindset" to greatness! 

 * Live a more empowered and fulfilling life!

*Learn the keys to effortless manifestation! 

* Attract positive and happier relationships! 💞

 *  Live your vision & step into your "dream career"!

*  Have more clarity and focused energy.

* Let go and pivot those old stories.

Find your  true path and authentic self 



Discover Your

Greatest Self  

Success and Law of Attraction coaching is about coming alive and tapping into your greatest self!  We each have within us this remarkable inner guidance system, and we feel uplifted when we tap into inner clarity.


 *You will learn how to connect to your inner clarity, so your actions feel inspired, rather than draining.  You'll learn how to take a new course of action when you are off energetically, so you can thrive,  prosper, & have good life.

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