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Kyra's Law Of Attraction Master Mindset Coaching

Eastern Time USA.  But Also Global! 🌎🌏

We meet on Zoom twice a week in a community workshop, ~~ One on one coaching if it is a heck yes for both parties. 💫 

Private Coaching
Coaching Topics:  Relationships, Health & Wellness, Prosperity & Career, and Spiritual Health. 

      * Currently there are starter and advanced packages. The beginning sessions is six sessions  with email support!  The deeper package can be both email and live support for the time length you purchase them.

A session involves, one hour live, and another hour of preparing, to get the most out of each session.  Email support in the form of check-ins are weekly!  Each session is recorded and you for your private listening to after the session.   With the VIP packages, we do not stop till a mindset shift occurs.   

* There are fun personalized assignments in between sessions.  Momentum is the KEY to create lasting change! 


      * A live session time can vary, it runs 55 minutes to 70 minutes if needed, (generally 60).   A pre session is part of our first time together.  

Each session includes 1 weekly check-ins to clarify  and outline your needs for maximizing every session.


      * I am your personal accountability partner and coach.  In choosing me, you are choosing a clear mindset coach that sees the best in you, and holds your best vision no matter what. We work with the principals Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction!  Each session is highly individualized with lots of follow-up.


These packages are at a great price!  There is  no ending to the expansion and joy one can experience in our work together. ✨


Workshops &  Speaking Engagements

The Workshops are Based on the Law of Attraction! Designed To Uplift, Inspire and Build Community

Currently workshops take place on Zoom and have a Global reach.  The Times are varied:  All Tuesday's in US, 'Select Thursday's, and an Saturdays.  

 Pacific standard time zone in US is used. 

If you are in Australia or Asia contents this can a fall on the next day.

All workshops are fun designed to move you into alignment and create connection and powerful flow in your life! 


This is an actual workshop that will bring you up the vibrational scale.  


The environment is warm and welcoming to all members, both new and repeating.  


It is a full 2 hours of fun on Weekends and one hour and 20 minutes midweek.  Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks Zoom workshops are inspirational & move one into our alignment and deeper clarity towards your goals! This is a mindset reboot!   Yes, you will be doing activities, even online, as a group or with an online buddy! 

The group past workshops have been located in Portland OR; however, we are holding all  workshops on Zoom currently so we can reach a global audience. 
Deeper workshops are held for long time members.    

Meditation, Resiliency, & Balanced Feminine/ Masculine Energy 

 Personalized Sessions & Training.
Alignment & Meditation Instruction.

       Everything we do is about healthy balance!   Honoring our needs in a balanced, healthy way!  For women or men it is embracing who you are in a centered and aligned way.  (Without projection, trying, demanding, or fixing; it is easier than that.)  This is a path to stand in our light.  No more trying to influence  others; that is leaning into others energy and disconnecting from our own. Embracing both the Yin and the Yang ☯️☯ ; honoring the healthy feminine and the healthy masculine inside of ourselves and others is present in great relationships.  💕


     Personalized meditation and visualization sessions help you get relaxed and open to receive, this is part of the manifestation process.  This helps shift our mindset and expand into our potential. Everything is based on the teaching of mindfulness and the Law of Attraction, via Abraham Hicks.  This helps clear blocks and make you feel more present and more inline with what you put into your vortex. 

       I can tap into your intentions, your vortex, and who you really are, and feel your clear authentic self.  ❣️ 

    I teach you how to align with Source energy to receive these messages from your broader consciousness.  I desire to  assist you in calming your mind and getting into alignment with source energy so you too can follow this "intuition".


"I  truly believe in full immersion.  It takes time to shift.  Time to let go and allow. Some topics take much longer to shift our  old mindset patterns that hold us back from our true desires.  We are learning to live within the 'dream life' on a vibrational level.  To get the right  momentum going really takes time, dedication and process work for the shifting to occur. It is teamwork" 💛


  • Smaller packages start at: 6 sessions,  1- 2x a week one on one, up to  6 weeks long!  Included is email check-ins and follow-up fieldwork: $1050.

  • All sessions are (audio) recorded for your private listening.   

  • Next is package is 8 sessions, lasting 4 to 8 week package. Up to two months!   Based on the package of 8 sessions for  $1280 US dollars. 

  • Light Email support and fun homework included in every package. Pre-work and follow up work included. 


  • Next: VIP package! 16    personalized sessions via Zoom/ phone and/ and  or email support for 10-16 intensive weeks, multiple sessions a week is VIP1.   This is up to 4 months of coaching support.  Wow!!   VIP  4 month package: $2,333 US dollars.✨ HUGE savings on consecutive weekly work together.  *Sessions can be split via email and zoom live. 

  • Meeting in person is extra for time, space, and travel. 

  • The One hour live Zoom groups are currently free/ donation.  

  • 1.5-2 hour Group sessions are (sliding scale)  from 10-$22-33 +US $

  • One group free for a first time member!                               

  • VIP Package: A top tier package.  One must have finished a smaller package or have attended at least 2-3 group sessions. 

  • VIP package of 6 months, : Ask.   These are very intensive back to back coaching for real shifts. 

  • A single session is just  rarely done, but if needed it is $222~ ~~  This is the rate if someone want to splits up the smaller packages too. 

  • Join me in group Zoom workshop first, before we start  and commit to a deeper package!  A must!!        

  • *New offer: :    Extra Email support added to package, 3 x a month.  Receive via email  a very thoughtful personalized, concise reply to your personal questions.   200 rate monthly, HUGE VALUE!!!   This can be a one time~ one month trial.  This is a monthly offer only.

  • For, One reply only =  My rate is $222 for a single session.  😀🙏😎

   🌟*  Rates subject to change up to 2x a  year.  depending on when you sign up you could be locked in for a few months. 

Checks, Paypal, and Venmo, and facebook pay are  used as acceptable forms of payment . Stripe-coming soon.  Thank you. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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