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Private  Personalized Coaching Sessions


The whole process is meant to be fun, informative and life changing.


1st:  Private coaching session can consists of four or sixteen recorded calls that are specifically tailored to your individual needs!  The longer package is extremely beneficial when someone has more than one topic to work on, or long time stuck habits or stories.

  There are weekly sessions available if someone buys the initial package. 


 2nd:   Email coaching between our calls is part of our package and fun assignments are given that you must practice in your own time, daily. 


  3rd:  If you want a powerful change, you must be willing to do the work; fun work!  I help to simplify things, but you must be accountable and an active participant in this powerful transformational journey and  follow through with activities. 


* I have a step-by-step process that works effectively and is tailored to each individual. Each session is powerful at clearing blocks and connecting you to what you truly desire. 

The clients I take must have a basis in this work and it feels like a hell yes click between us!  


I am your Coach, mentor, and cheerleader.   We work together to shift your mindset into a clearer lighter place. I want you to have the clarity you need to move forward with ease.  


I promise we will have great fun all along the way, taking you to a place of deep peace and inspiration!  

If you are ready chick here:





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