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Powerful videos by Abraham Hicks and Kyra.

If you want to line up with feeling good watch a few of these! 
Kyra Renee: Law of Attraction Mindful Meditation:

Embracing the Present Moment and Our Broader Self. 

GRATITUDE!  DAILY 5 minutes of blessings and being grateful!  

Abraham Hicks!

Short video~ When feeling happy it's time to ask.  Care less what others think!  Follow your bliss! 

Abraham Hicks!

It's time for me to be HAPPY! (Rampage)​​

Esther Hicks

Watch every day!  "Uplifting phrases to say during the day" And catchy song too

Abraham Hicks!

The Meaning of life is always about feeling good in this present moment, and not needing conditions to change!  Simple video that is fun and playful. 

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