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Law of Attraction in a nutshell...

"All of my Law of Attraction teachings are based on the appreciation and works of Abraham Hicks!" 

 In a nutshell .... 

  Joy/love is who we are.  It is who we are when feeling connected to our broader selves.  Our spirit our inner being.  We are extensions of Source energy!  What many call"God". 

This means that you are more than just your mind and body.  Every one of us has this amazing internal guidance system that is a part of Source energy.   You have a spirit that is connected to goodness. We come into alignment when we are feeling good, when we are on track, when we are following our joy.   

 There Are Five Steps to the Creation Process:


Step One:  You are always asking -through words and emotions; though you passion and desire you are clarifying what you want.  This asking is born from contrast. You know what you don't want thus, you are clearer on what you do want.  The asking causes your expansion and the expansion of your vortex.  Your specifics come in step one.  No need to keep asking.  Move to step 3 and 4. 


Step Two:  This step is not your job. Your broader self, your connection to Source, God or Universe is responding to your vibration.  Source is hearing you and matching your desire.  This step is not you work. It is knowing that Source has your back. 

However, now you need to get out of your own way…and reduce all resistance as best you can.


Step Three:  This is aligning with what you want "without resistance"! 

Example: If you want more money, focus on how good the money would be to spend, the fantastic things you would buy and how much fun it would be to spend it in your mind.  It is about the good feelings, not about the money!!  It is about our alignment to our intuition, our connection to our expansive self, our alignment with Source energy!  

Tip:  be more general, if any inner resistance or doubt is present, till you relax into the feeling of what you want with ease. 


Step Four:  This is where you take that good feeling energy and stay in it longer (milk it).   You hold the visualization of thriving and prosperity and generosity of spirit for extended periods of time.  Can you image if you focused on how good it feels to thrive or to laugh, and just appreciated that for a half hour a day?  How about a whole hour?  It is the feelings, the good easy feelings you are matching, not the asking for step one part.  It is a being in the lighter feelings, rather than a mental analysis. The feeling is calming, like a knowing it done. 

When you milk the feeling of why, in a more general way, not only would you start to feel great, but your desires would start to manifest much quicker!   Some call this a miracle.  I call it focusing on the blessings in the world!  As a result, more blessing and good stuff start to flow in!    Focus on the problems more often and all you get is more problems!  Put your attention and your emotions on the things that make you feel great  ~(even just one thing)~ and watch things get better in your life.  

Step Five:  This is the most important step!   This is about loving yourself, being easy on yourself no matter how or where you are at!   Do not beat up on yourself no matter where you are, even if you have a contrasting step one moment.  Don't get mad at yourself but be kind, easy, gentle and good to yourself.  This is the

step about self-care. 



Kyra Renee 

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