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Testimonials & Appreciation For Kyra's  Private and Group Coaching!   


"I want to thank all the wonderful, and fun people that have touched my blessed life!"  ♥♥♥  Kyra


Hi Everyone! I just wanted to give Kyra some accolades! She is not only an amazing person, but an amazing coach! I started attending her classes about 5 years ago and I have been doing weekly coaching with her for over 2 years straight now. There are no words to describe how far I have come with her assistance. She has always pushed me just far enough to expand even more with each session. It has taken me 2 years to get where I can REALLY feel what it FEELS like to "LET GO" like Abraham says. You can hear the words, but to truly feel this, is simply amazing! When we can stay sovereign in our own energy (Line up), that is when everything around you begins to shift into your desires. You become the magnet to everything you desire when you align your energy. If you truly want to expand in this world and go for the moon, staying steady on this journey is the way to go. Kyra has been instrumental in this for me. Love you Kyra, very much! I am very appreciate of you! Thank you!  ~ Steph Alles


What a beautiful, wonderful enhancement to every aspect of my life my sessions with Kyra are.  I feel so happy. 


 I have expanded my ability to relax into my highest frequencies, to then allow the universe to let things unfold in the perfect way, perfect timing that matches my highest desires and being.  It really is so valuable to me.  


Ive dealt with some not so fun topics and found new ways to feel around them that has further helped to free me from any negative echo from them--so valuable to me.  


Sessions with Kyra help me when Im feeling great as she helps to me allow in even More happiness & ease.  And they work if Im feeling down or blocked--as the soft, easy shifts Kyra helps me to find in our sessions leave me feeling relieved and off to the happy races again :) 


Thank you so much Kyra.  Adore you.  So appreciative that I have sessions with you in my life over these years now.  So glad I found you :) 💗

~Tiffany from CT

Kyra Renee is such a beautiful soul and light! One on one sessions with her helped me to get out of my own way ;) and  create a momentum toward my singing career that is now absolutely thriving! Anything that you may be going through, she will assist you in the mindset work to smooth out, and finds beautiful ways to get you building energy towards what you specifically desire , thus putting you on the path to your absolute dream life! 

Blessed to call her a friend! 

Coaching with Kyra is an act of self love, and we are all beyond worth it! 

Work with her and you will see. 

Thank you for sharing your Light Kyra!  ✌️❤️☮️🙏👏
~~Kristen lee Recording artist 

 Kyra Renee was my coach in 2022. She guided me in the Law of Attraction. Her coaching is more than a mindset. Kyra helped me to focus on what I wanted. She helped me see that I was attracting whatever I was thinking about. And to see that what I was thinking about at times was not healthy. During our coaching time I worked through the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs so that I could attract what I actually wanted. And I wanted some amazing things.

I have the experience of total happiness and bliss. In fact I am happy most of the time. This was not the case before we began.

I know now exactly what kind of man that I want. And she helped me to see that I am worthy and deserving of love from someone who is also in alignment. I’ve created the best version of myself, breaking through levels of self love and I know how to ask for what I want.

Kyra’s approach is kind, without being too methodical, loving and light. ✨


"I Love these classes! I leave feeling lighter, relaxed and at peace. Kyra creates a warm and welcoming environment. Her opening grounding sets the tone for the class and helps me connect to pure, positive energy. Kyra is an amazing, intuitive, talented, and patient person, with an infectious laugh and zest for life. She is a true healer/teacher and her love for her work and clients is apparent.

I've worked with her for two years, attending many LOA meet-up groups, several personal coaching calls (we've co-created together and the coaching calls were a big help!) and a handful of Reiki sessions - (yes, aside from being an expert in LOA, she's a Reiki master). :-)  Kyra has helped me bring myself into alignment and gain a calming sense of clarity. Her fees for classes and personal coaching sessions are VERY reasonable. I know others will benefit from her services too!"     ~   Whitney R. 

"I appreciate how enthusiastic Linda was about your coaching, and it inspired me to want to experience it as well.

I appreciate that I met you before we started the coaching. Your energy is so peaceful and strong. it was a delight to be around you, and I learned so much from you in that time that it created an even stronger desire in me to want to do personal coaching with you.

Our time together on those calls was empowering and so helpful! I loved them all.

I love the meditations you came up with

I love the lioness

I love the lightbulb moments I had about what was blocking me

I love that the calls are recorded

I love listening to the calls later and hearing them more clearly

I love my homework of self care

I love learning to care less about others and more about me

I love caring more about me and what I want

I love thinking more about what would be fun and what would feel good to me

I love that you spend time before the call getting into alignment and you receive what you need for the call. It is awesome how you can do that and know where the call needs to be led

I love that you talk and talk and then ask if I have questions. it's nice just to listen

I love the forms you have me fill out. The benefits log and then the coaching call planning sheet.

You're an amazing coach and I want to work with you again!!

I feel you are as powerful as Jesus!"  ~ Georgia

✨✨Good morning all, I wanted to share a little rampage of appreciation for Kyra here. I am so grateful to have found her group at Tabor Space in Portland a few years ago!

And It's been inspiring to see her community grow internationally to reach even more people as meetings have moved online!

Kyra has helped me more than any other therapist or coach to improve my mindset and alignment. If you are thinking about taking your study to the next level, I strongly encourage working with Kyra as a coach. Weekly consistent coaching has been the secret sauce. 👏👏

Thank you Kyra Renee for all that you give to those of us in this amazing community you've created.  ~


"I loved being there - Kyra is a great leader with the best vibe ever. I went to pick up some tools to keep my energy moving forward ... who doesn't get stuck or confused from time to time. The group (class) was open, informative, fun - all positive. I left with a tool belt full of ideas. Thx Kyra - you'll see me again!"    ~ Elaine 

Dearest Kyra,

Thank you for an amazing classes and for sharing your wisdom, intuition, knowledge, cheerfulness, beautiful heart and bright smile.   You are definitely one of the most influential people in my life and thanks to you I have been able to transform my life and relationships in such a positive way. Thank you for teaching me how to self love and appreciate myself and everything and everybody... thank you for fun classes and walks... thank you for teaching me how to understand and apply the LOA in a simple and meaningful way in my daily life... thanks to you I feel confident that I can be, have, and do anything I want! Thank you for providing opportunities to connect with beautiful people from your class and practice the LOA in a fun, beautiful and easy way... I hope we stay connected eternally, and I wish all your dreams and desires are fulfilled.
With complete appreciation,

Dear Kyra, Words can only do so much justice as to how much of an influence you and the fellow LoA community you've managed to cultivate over the course of your livelihood has had on me. Within the past 6 months embarking on this solo spiritual expedition, I've been very fortunate to receive great guidance keeping me on track.

I truly value the authentic time spent amongst like-minded individuals. They say 'The eyes are the window to the soul'. I've seen such solemn expressions in one's eyes before, and am overcome with a beautiful sadness almost as reminiscing on a past life. A part of us yearns for something greater, that I am certain. For I am hopeful of the future. God bless your kindred soul. 

Thank you Kyra, I went lighter and boy oh boy riding that wave out was hard. I forgave and sought kind(ness) and compassion. I am grateful for your presence, truly.

The energy you radiate glows, the encounters I've had in my personal life have been amazing. They say 'Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery'. Heck, I absolutely adore the nonchalant vibe you emit.

Bless you, Kyra.  

Jimmy James 🤠

Thanks Kyra! I am feeling more myself these days...between your work and other energy work I am doing things are flowing! I love the soft, gentle approach you take, the ease and lightness of it. Many of the teachers miss that part and it really makes a difference! Your meditations take me to another level!

xoxox, 💗


‘I very much enjoyed the meditation guided by Kyra Renee. The basic sequence of practices are very clear and make much more “sense” to me than some of the other approaches to meditation that I’ve tried before. Now I feel motivated to keep meditating.

Its Very useful, I picked up some wonderful tips and felt very relaxed.’

I felt like trying this meditation was like trying to train a puppy (my mind being like the puppy, the meditation being like the training). The start has been made and the potential is there for the puppy to grow into a wonderful happy dog.

I really enjoyed it, it gave me an interesting and down to earth understanding’ ~Safi


Kyra, really enjoyed coming to the group today. Being with all those lovely LOAers felt like having a warm bath! (Only more exciting!;) Thanks so much! You’re awesome!!!


Thank you,Kyra Renee, for Tuesday’s meeting. I love you perspective of my situation of having to sleep on a pull out in the living room. You viewed it as an opportunity exciting camping experience.

So wonderful 😊! 



Words cannot express the appreciation that I (and the group undoubtedly) feel for you and what you do. You are a gift to us all and I/we truly love you! 🌹🌹❤️


I just get to hang out with playful dolphins in tropical paradise anytime I want now.  🌴🐬

I worked with Kyra last year around this time. I was living in Las Vegas- very sick and stuck. We co created my journey out of this. I definitely give Kyra credit because I can be a chronic over thinker and have dealt with a lot of symptoms of mental illness in the past so I think coaching me took a little extra. 😆

 (For example, I didn’t want to help with just any captive marine mammals, I wanted to help with only rescued ones.)

I also had a unruly puppy that I brought up in our sessions. He a year old now and perfect.

It’s pretty magical. 😊


Dear Kyra Renee,

I just had the most amazing meditation after our group today, it was so beautiful and easy and light…….My vibration feels so good.

I feel very aligned with Source, it feels so good and easy and light. I feel like I’m floating……

And it was so easy to connect to the sound of the air conditioner too

I so appreciate this ease of connecting to Source, aligning with Source Energy, aligning with Who I Am

The love of Source is all there is

Thank you for our group today and thank you to all of the amazing participants.

We are on the leading edge of thought.

We are extensions of Source Energy.

I appreciate all of you.

Source loves and adores you and thinks we’re magnificent

There is nothing to do

Alignment with Source trumps everything.

Everything is always working out for us.

Nothing serious going on here.

Our job is joy.

Nothing is more important than we feel good

I’m getting better and better at this

~Sharon J D ❤️😊

Kyra. The past two mornings (after the class) I have had HUGE Aha moments and they flow throughout my day. This morning I came to understand more fully that “I” Am a WORK OF ART! A precious, divine, unique, inspiring, incredible work of art of the divine source of all creation, which includes ME! My vortex is my own “garden of creation” in which I plant my own seeds and grow my own magical works of art which I celebrate by living in, using, dancing with and so much more! And these are also shared with every other person and particle of creation in this reality and dimension and all others! I am it All! Every particle of creation, the All That Is… Seth attempted to describe. I AM also everything I ever encounter in my life! Before I just knew this intellectually and now it is becoming more viscerally apparent to me.  I am a part of everything I see and hear and engage with and experience! I am in the Beauty I experience all around me. It is infinite and endless!  Thank you again for all that you do!   ~Morgine

"Kyra is the real deal!  When she speaks she is connected to Source and in the vortex".  ~Dani. 

Hi Kyra ,
Thank you for the (Zoom) meeting last evening. It was an amazing, wonderful session . I just loved it. And you are a wonderful person too. The way you created the exercises , break up rooms was really great. Looking forward for future meetups .Thank you very much.

Kyra, 6  years ago you changed my life.  I had reached a low point and was confused about "why life had turned on me" when I thought I had been playing by the rules and doing everything "right".  When angels whispered in my ear to find a class to go to or SOMETHING, they led me to you.  Because you spent all of those Saturdays, week in and week out, being there for me, holding space for me gently, patiently, to learn about this whole new (to me) world of vibration and frequency, I was able to rise above a very negative time in my life. 

✨Because of YOU, I was able to BE a different person in the world - and that made all of the difference for my future.  You explained things in our private sessions that allowed me to really understand and apply the principles of Law of Attraction.  I don't know what I would have done, or where I would be today without you.  I love all of the skills you helped me to acquire and the sensitivities you helped me to develop.  

You're one of the amazing people on the planet,.  I hope our paths cross again before too long.  And of course, there's always zoom.

Much love, 💛


"I have been going to therapy for five year.  In two hours Kyra cleared up the problem I was working on for five years!!!  She is phenomenal!! "    ~Erin.

I want to say a massive thank you and feeling immense gratitude for Kyra Renee for her amazing energy and support. .All your constant support and positivity help make the world so much better, starting with me feeling better by reading and reflecting on all that you post.

I am so thankful and grateful for this group that allowed us to line up and cross paths. I may not always be able to attend the great workshops but when I have, I have loved the safe space they create for me to get into the vortex and allow.

We all need reminders, to help us get off the dirt road and back into less bumpy, smoother road.  This is what this is, prompts from the universe.

I am so blessed to have met inspiring people with lovely smiles and warm welcomes.

Check out the Tuesday and Saturday workshops!

May abundance and happiness be yours always 💕🙏🏽 Nuzhat 

Thank you Kyra, for sharing your knowledge with us so we can expand our lives where we can experience all the love and happiness this universe has to offer!!! I started writing last night and will keep writing. I read it out loud while recording it to my phone to listen to several times a day. Just wanted you to know I really appreciate you!! Thank you!!💕Kyra is the best in the field. 😘~ Stephanie

Kyra, Your group was quite profound. I can't wait to delve into the details more! Thank you for all you do 😀~~Jamie

​"Every class is so inspiring.  I feel so uplifted after it is over."  Deb.


"I love working with Kyra.  She is so clear and explains things so easily." Mira.


 "Thank you for getting me in the state of Love and Appreciation for my upcoming surgery and move, Kyra! Much Love and Appreciation to you and the Group!  

  I became a much more positive person after discovering Kyra's coaching; the things in my life became easier.  For example the hip surgery I had was a breeze and I attracted the best doctors and my healing was so rapid.  Life just got better."  ~~Rich Beatty ☮️


"Kyra was awesome. She has amazing insight. Kyra was able to help me with a current stressful home situation. The practical application of techniques Kyra described, were 'very helpful' in getting back into my vortex and raising my frequency and changing my perspective."  ~Thomas .


Hi Kyra, I ‘d been thinking of messaging  you   I loved it!! The exercises were wonderful and totally put me into flow!  I took the smiles throughout the day almost Kyra!! 

I loved these exercises.. and was surprised how my body reacted to the (feeling ) word confident.  Pretty much subconsciously, I broaden my shoulders and open my chest! Loved it.  Thank you!!  ~Jas

"I always leave the meetings happy, but today I was definitely in the Vortex."      ~Stephanie E. 


"Great! Kyra has amazing energy, the group was very nice."  ~Patricia. 


"This meeting was exceptional. This was truly a break-through experience. Thanks everyone and Kyra for leading us."  ~Amanishakhete. 


"Phenomenal experience! Thank you :-) "  ~Ryan P. 


"Great teacher, great group, and uplifting time."  ~Michael Ch. 


"Thanks Kyra,  I appreciate your help getting re-focused. I woke up this morning on my high-flying disk. Many fun days ahead. I am so excited, and I can't wait to meet again." ~ Laura


"Very rewarding class! I so appreciate Kyra's laid-back approach and the free-flowing exchange of ideas and experiences."  ~Terry M. 


"Thanks Kyra and all of the rest of you for making me feel so welcome!!" ~Teresa. 


"Amazing... you are so in tuned to source !" ~Aaron B.


"Excellent class. Lots of great energy and excellent ideas for building new energy in the New Year. Happy New Year!!"   Virgina.  


"I had attended your class the week before last and greatly enjoyed it, and know I will enjoy it again! Thank you and I am greatly looking forward to seeing you again and seeing some friendly faces!" ~ Lauren. 


"What a pleasure it was attending this group! I arrived in a down feeling place, and I left with a smile! I felt welcomed, and comfortable being there." ~Lisa. 


"F'n awesome!!! I can't wait till our next meeting. Kyra is awesome and beautiful."  ~Lila. 


"This was rich experience that meaningfully lingers and unfolds. Thank you for your stellar work Kyra!"  ~Neil L


It was so good to be back! Kyra is an inspiration. ~Carol Sweet.


With all of its wonderfully sharing participants this group is a true asset on the journey to alignment with Source energies and Joy. ~Maureen S. 


A Very fun group inspiration and joy...Been coming for 3+years on and off ,a perfect place to get recharged and motivated.  Bonnie J.  


Great to meet everyone. Kyra--you're a gem! Belle. 


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