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My Services: Law of Attraction Coaching


Here is a list of some of the services I offer.  Please feel free to contact me if you have  additional questions.  I look forward to our co-creation process!  

Together at the Top

All our group classes are fun and inspiring.  We strive for upliftment and laughter.  All classes and workshops are based on the teaching of the Law of Attraction, via Abraham-Hicks.  


These classes currently online via Zoom worldwide. Kyra would be happy to host a workshop retreat just about anywhere.


 Please contact her and check out her testimonial page to see a  list of happy clients.

Kyra coaches on a variety of topics such as: wellness, thriving relationships, finding and building your career passions and life path, shifting limiting beliefs in easy ways, improving your focus, turning outcomes around within your family & increasing financial prosperity!

You becoming a confident and amazing person and leader in your field! 


Her intention is for you to thrive in your best version of your life you choose. 

Her "one on one" coaching is all done via Zoom,  (no camera is needed) and your sessions are audio recorded so that you can re-listen to your coaching session again to gain retention. Your session's are done as a package.

 It is important to stay connected and receptive for big changes to happen.

There is weekly follow up, via email, to check in on your progress.  

Let's get to know each other to see if the fit is a win win. 

Crowd Surfing
shutterstock_154748708-1024x953 (1).jpg

  Kyra's ability to uplift your group and transform a room is profound!   No one is left out, and everyone is left in a better place of clarity than when they arrived!  She is unlimited and intuitive in tools and ability to read a room and adjust accordingly.  She can effortly move the audience up the energy scale and into a higher vibe place. 

You want to Kyra for your next event!


 Topics vary as needed.  She adds both humor and lightheartedness to all that she does with a deep level of professionalism.

 She has spoken with:


*Corporate executives

*Event parties 

*Troubled teens

*Cancer patients

*People starting their life over

* Men and women wanting great relationships! 

*People that desire a more fulfilling life. 

*She has been leading and running events for over 14 years!

A wonderful and moving time is the result. 


Kyra leads guided meditations/visualizations based on your direction and needs.  Each session is personalized, to move you from problem to solution in easy effective ways.   

The readings are effortless and fun! 

Kyra is a natural empath, able to feel, see and often hear the guidance and messages one needs to realign.  She uses this to help transform.  You must first see it in your mind and feel it in your body before great change happens.  I do energetic clearing of people and spaces.  

 This is extremely powerful for clearing blocks to feeling inspired in your life.  You will be filled with newfound passion, clarity, and inner peace.

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