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 Meditations & Intuitive Readings. 


Meditations for Manifestations:


Meditation is a powerful tool. I take you on a guided meditation journey, very specific to your path and your needs in life.  This journey is filled with words and imagery designed to empower, relax, and uplift you to greater connection to yourself and all that you desire!!  This can easily be done over the phone with you in a comfortable safe space.

 Guided meditations is a wonderful tool to let go and quiet our rambling mind, so we become open to greater opportunities.  I am eternally amazed, just how fast the Universe brings us opportunities when we learn to let go and allow!!  The Key is one step at a time, into our vortex of creation!! 

Top athletes and their trainers use visualization tools to reach and achieve their target goals.  This technique is used by the most successful leaders around the world today.  When a person first imagines reaching their desired goals in their mind first, "seeing the outcome" It leads  a shift in ones brain, developing the ability to go to the next level.   That is successful visualization is about. 

Intuitive Readings: 

A Highly requested service.  Requesting a one time, or weekly intuitive reading can help you reline and gain clarity on you life path and direction.  Kyra taps into Source and her clients true intentions, to gain valuable insight into your life path and direction.   

What it can do for you:

It can bring tremendous clarity.  It can clear years of "what if" blocks and propel you forward in mind, body, and spirit. 

It also can be very relaxing and inspiring, and some people receive a wellspring of passion that flows forth, others experience a release and feel deep peace and ease within.  This is part of the larger packages.  

 "Nothing better than aligning with the clarity and ease of Source." 

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